Sunday, December 30, 2001

Im back!!! For now anyways. I can't possibly stress enough how much this holiday season blew. Ce n'est pas se�or. get the picture. Most of my holiday so far has been spent in Mexico either with my family, shopping for those edible wonders that are only available in mexico, and getting shitfaced at the local clubs and bars. Which brings me to my pondering point. Why is that guys seem to have nut sacks, yet they are aparently empty. I mean....god....i thought that guys were a little more confident when they had a few beers, but no. Nepha and i sat at the bar and laughed at all the losers looking at us, but not one would come and talk to us. Finally some guy walks over to us...turns out he only wanted to know what we were drinking. Then we walk back to Reno's and we see some guy i used to date freshman yr at NMSU and we decide to head home when some guy comes running after us and tells me that his friend with the bleached hair digs me and offers to buy us drinks. And to this guy i must say..."where were you when we were paying for our own drinks homie? I'm feeling a super nice buzz and I'm driving and Nepha is already shitfaced." So we turned down the delicious free drinks and he wanted me to dance some lame ass country song with is friend who had run to thej bathroom to avoid me because he was shy. Shy or GAY? Good god in heaven almighty. Needless to say we quickly exited the club and went home. I dunno how i got home tho. I felt like i had a mild buzz when i got home but as soon as I laid down i went from buzzed to pleasantly drunk. Remind me to only drink 1 beer next time. haha...oh...might go skiing on the 2nd and stay all week if my so called best friend Cesar doesnt punk out again! Jerk!!!! aughhhhhhhh :D oh yeah....anyone wanna make out with me? *pout*

Thursday, December 20, 2001

I saw the wierdest scariest horniest movie ever on HBO last night. It stared Andrew Keagan and all these other people I've never heard of. It was insane and I swear I was seriously freaked out. They had some whack virus that made em monsters and they'd blow was sick. ahhh....i make no sense, but if anyone has seen this movie and knows what it's called let me know! And now...... What becomes of the broken hearted? :( I think the reason I've given up on meaningful relationships and affectionate interaction with the opposite sex is because I'm such a drama queen when it comes down to the break-up part. It's like I purposely put up a shield that prevents any male to make any heartfelt connection with me. Sometimes it comes across as me being easy or skanky or downright coldhearted, but I can't help it. My family is wondering when I'm going to see a guy for more than a week before I get bored/scared of him. Whatta wierdo, I know. I always thought that I wouldnt get married until I was at least about 30-ish and I had done everything that I ever wanted to do in life. After that little convo that Nepha and I had, it was all a little confusing as she tried to brainwash me into thinking that I needed to find a potential husband ASAP. Now not only is she wrong but she is psycho for trying to get hitched so early.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Will someone please get me a cool job for the love of God!!! I just got back to the Candlelighters office from dropping my not-so-impressive resume off at Scott & Hulse Law Firm downtown. I applied to be a receptionist/runner. That job would totally rock! And I spotted some cutie runner guys, that wouldn't hurt, right? Geez....what am I talking about! Last time I dated someone from work it led to me getting fired. That's right boys and girls. I was dumped by Henry's no good ass. The sad part is we weren't even officially going out so theres no way he could've dumped me. But alas, he did. I need to score myself a sweet job working at a sweet place where the lawyers will want to take me out to Capone's or the Dome after work for some Crystal. Ha! A girl can dream, can't she?

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Wouldn't life be so much easier if i had a rack like that one? I wouldn't have 1/2 the trauma and heartache i have now. Haven't really done much now that school is out. I do have some exciting news tho...talked to Applebee's Aaron (kicker for UNM) and he wanted to get together sometime this week. AND I have a date with Vince too!!!!! Oh how sweet life is! Moss is sooo not a datable option anymore. He's too busy with his fraternity whatnots and talking in third person. Why do I always attract the jock kinda guy? It's either athletes or frat boys. And the ocasional psycho, god help us all. I think I might quit the dating game for a while.

Friday, December 14, 2001

I was at the Candlelighters office today and was just sitting there hanging out and stuff. I walked on over to the hospital to visit Gerard. Gerard is the most amazing guy. He has cancer but you'd seriously never know it. He was always so strong and energetic. He makes me laugh and hes super super cute. He always had such a will to live and to live and get better. I was never like that when I was going through chemo. He made me happy. Today when I opened the door to his room, I saw so much pain in his eyes. I couldve sworn I almost saw him cry when he saw me. We talked for like 3 minutes when a nurse came in to take him to a new room. I said goodbye and walked back to my car. As i walked away, I couldnt help but cry. I felt horrible that I couldnt do anything to help him. But I know that nothing I ever couldve said or done wouldve helped. And all day Ive been going back and thinking why I didnt die? Why was I able to survive cancer? How did I do it? I wish I had a secret that I could pass along to Gerard and all the kids, something that would give them hope. I wish I could trade my life for his. He deserves it so much more than I do. Cancer is such a huge part of my life and everyday I am reminded by my long term side effects that I'm not normal...and I never will be.
A BID HAS BEEN PLACED!!!!! Eric has bid 75 cents and a chik-fil-a napkin for my skanky cousin. How much are you willing to bid? Hurry kids, auction ends soon!!! Have youe ver left someone or somethinig that you never really thought you would miss...only to find out that it was the only thing that ever really made you happy? After I packed up my junk and left apartment Q-4 forever, I couldn't help but feel super mega depressed. I locked the door, and went to say bye to Dan and Lawrence...i seriously wanted to cry. Not because I wuld miss them (but i will) but because being there made me happy and I never really knew it untill it was too late. But now I am at home, on my way to a new path in life. I'm taking a semester off from school to try to find out who I am and what makes me happy. What exactly i will be doing is kinda up for grabs, but I do plan on traveling down to Mexico and staying with my uncle for a while. Gosh...I've been away from school for less than 24hrs and I already miss it.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

But mommy!!! All the other girls that are 5'11" are super models!! I was looking through a magazine today and I saw what seemed about 10 pictures of Gissele Bundchen. Who is she you may ask? Only my favorite model in the world!!! I've always said my life would be so much easier if I could be as awesome as Gissele. I can't even walk by Victoria's Secret and and not feel jealous. :( She was on the cover, on D&G ads, on Polo ads, at parties, you name it her picture was there. So I decide to try to find a picture of her to post along with and I see her stats. We're pretty similar if you think about it. She's 21...I'm 20 She's 5'11" am I She has a Yorkie...I've been wanting one forever She was discovered at McDonalds...I just ate Mickey D's today Her measurements are 36-24-35.....thats where our similarities end. :I Nepha and I did some fortune telling last night and we both got the 'death' card in our immediate future. That was sooo freaky. I kept on asking the cards about a certain possible 'soulmate' of mine and the answer kept coming back the same. How is that you may ask? Because it's TRUE! This is a true story you guys! I have found my soulmate but now I'm never going to be with him!!! Anyone know any cool fortune telling games to play? let me know!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Last post today...unless something uber cool happens tonight (which i doubt since there will be no alcohol involved). I have 4 new pics...3 of yours trully, and a pic of karla, me and nepha at the TKE halloween party. The halloween pic isnt too good...took a pic of it with the web cam. But here are the 3 latest of me! :)

Which Evil Criminal are You? I'm supposed to be Elizabeth Bathory...some psycho queen that stabbed her servant girl and got her blood all over her hands. When she washed her hands, she noticed that they looked younger and fresher, so she kept on killing chicks to get her 'beauty fluid'. That is so shallow and much like me! hahahaha On a lighter cousin Andy wanted me to auction him off to the highest bidder. So considering I have 2 readers...this auction will not go very far. The bidding starts at whatever you hurry up ladies and gay little cousin won't be around forever! E-mail me with your bids, kids!
We cleaned the whole mudda fukin apartment!!!! You do not even know how monumental and rare this is! We started the cleaning process at exactly 3:00 pm and finished at 5:13!!! How did it take us soooo long you ask. Well, Nepha, Gaby and I haven't ever really been exposed to cleaning. That and it was soooo dirty. I think this is the 2nd time we've cleaned since August.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

OMG...i am sooo trashed. Do people even blog when they're shitfaced?!?!?! do they??? well shit...i sure will! I dont have very much to say except....1. I am super uber drunk and I am at the library. and 2. Im going to find a cute guy and take him home with me. yep....i am! No cute guys yet....but they'll get here soon enough. I drank ALOT of fat tire and i kept on losing so i took like 10 shots...oh yeah...finals u say? FUCK FINALS! i am a free spirit! I am woman hear me ROAR! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, December 10, 2001

*sigh* Nepha and I were bored a little while ago and there was nothing on TV so we decided to have a conversation. We started talking about x-mas and stuff and she said that she thought that her bf was going to give her an engagement ring. I nearly choked on my macadamia nut cookie and started laughing. I mean....she couldnt possibly be excited about that could she? She's only 21 and he's 20 for crying out loud. But she broke it down for me and explained why..... If she gets engaged now...that gives her 2 years to enjoy the ring and 2 years to start planning the wedding. So by the time she gets married...she's 25....and that gives her 2 good years to enjoy married life and then she can start having her kids when shes 27. So she wont have any kids after shes 30...thus she wont be an old mom. If you know know that I fear long term relationships and love/romance. So I kinda shook off the thoughts...but now I'm starting to think about it....and I've come to the conclusion that I too want a diamond engagement ring (baguette with princess sidestones, wide platinum band) and a husband (making 7 digits) and kids (that look like the Jerry McGuire kid). So I'm about to start finding a husband! Someone please...slap me! :(
This post was brought to you by the burn maker.....c/o Read below to see the post before it was 'burned'. Talk about lowering my fucking self esteem! I didnt wear any makeup today...partialy because you are one lame bastard and i was too fucking lazy to fuckin' go through the fucking routine. So god-damn anyway....these hairy assholes want Gaby to go get some Heine's for them piece of shits at the fucking liquor store. Them ass-riders come over and one of em asks my stupid ass if I'm sick!!! I motherfucking, why? ........ Answer now, or the bitch dies!.... You are a fuck. And he and your hand-job just look a goddamn little wierd today thats all. It's my way or the shaft. Your call. And I'm like....fool! I'm not wearing any make-up! So god-damn he tries to fuckin' cover up and say that its a motherfucking more 'natural' look for my stupid ass! Ha! That shit's fucked-up...we all know the fucking truth. Mind if I fuck your porkhole? I look like some major poop without makeup. Look around you! You are a fiery boned shitbag. And to fuckin' all the fucking shit-ass assholes that say we molested bitches dont need that'll change ur mind once you see my stupid ass. Trust my stupid ass! Pre-Burnmaker Talk about lowering my self esteem! I didnt wear any makeup today...partialy because i was too lazy to go through the routine. So anyway....these guys want Gaby to go get some Heine's for them at the liquor store. They come over and one of em asks me if I'm sick!!! I, why? Anf he just look a little wierd today thats all. And I'm like....fool! I'm not wearing any make-up! So he tries to cover up and say that its a more 'natural' look for me! Ha! It's ok...we all know the truth. I look like some major poop without makeup. And to all the guys that say we girls dont need'll change ur mind once you see me. Trust me!

Sunday, December 09, 2001

Wow.....hope your weekend was as merry as mine! Friday night was so much fun, I dont think I've laughed so hard in such a long time. Karla Sanchez had a little dinner party for her 21st birthday at La Cuesta. It's this pretty cool mexican restaurant in El Paso. The whole gang was there...Karla, Cesar, Nepha, Joe, Natalia, Cesar, Jannett, Vero, Ariana, Roman, Jacob, Laura, Alma,Orestes, Gabo, Candice, Karla, Chilango and some other people that I didnt know. We drank like....20 margaritas...I kid you not. I ate some super good flautas and washed em down with lots of margarita. Which is pretty funny because I HATE margaritas, but thats what everyone was drinking so I followed the crowd. We made complete fools of ourselves and I kept on making knock knock jokes out of nothing. (something that I tend to do when drunk) Like...someone had a chille relleno plate....and they didn't eat one of their i decided to make a joke out of it. Ahem....knock knock! who's there? chi.... chi who? chile!!! chile!!!! chile!!! haha...that was some funny shit....and if you dont think so...have a few dozen'll laugh your ass off! Saturday was a typical night at la serata I chose not to go because I realized that out of the 7 days in the week...i had been totally trashed on 4 liver is going to kick my ass in about 5 years. Finalls are this week...then comes the handsome reward....the whole crew and I will be spending a few days sking! We'll they'll ski...I'll watch. Anyone wanna go with? ;)

Friday, December 07, 2001

Ok kids...theres only like...19 days or something left till x-mas...and I have been a good girl this get into the x-mas spirit and click here and get me a little something! :) I know you're a millionaire! So hurry up and do it now and save on shipping! :D Remember...Lisa <3's you! Do you love her too? due to my excessive alcohol consumption and the disturbing consequences of it, I decided not to go out and get shitfaced last night. Instead I hung out with Dan and Lawrence and we just laughed at everything and watched some TV. Then Dan says he found the best porn site of all time with the best free videos. I was a little disappointed in Dan thinking that he looked at porn, but then I remembered.....he's a guy!!! duh Lisa duh! So he's trying to find the site and cant remember what he clicked on to get there.....when he stumbles on some cum shot pics....good god that is some sick shit! They actually showed a girl eating some cum off a plate with a fuckin' spoon!!! She was eating it like it was chicken noodle soup. I then proceeded to get nauseous and turn my attention to Conan O' Brian. I mean, Dan and Lencho are the coolest guys ever, and I feel like one of the guys whenever I'm with them, but do we seriously need to resort to looking at disturbing porn in order to bond? :(

Thursday, December 06, 2001

I made some changes to the layout...still working on some more shiz. :D *happy dance* ahem....ok.
So after my Mad Dog 20/20 adventure, I've come to realize that cheap liquer is not meant for human consumption! I mean, I of all people after having had many 50 cent Coronas and the free tequila shots that come with it when you purchase 2 beers, i thought I would be able to handle some fruity 3 dollar thing that was 15% alcohol. I should sooooo know by now that I am always wrong and that I have the worst judgement ever. The game rocked, mainly because Gaby, Lawrence and I were totaly trashed when we got there and we kept at it with some Parrot Bay!!! We lost the game to the Lobos by one or two points. Who was still fun! What a way to de-stress and get ready for finals! And even if you guys think I have no stess and do no homework, I wont name any names (Lawrence and Dan), you're probably right, but thats one of the perks of being a Fashion Merchandising major. Mechanical Enigneers can kiss my ass, except when you graduate and start making money, then gimme a call guys! j/k! Im so damn shallow sometimes. :D
You guys ever had one of these? All I've got to say is hangover. Well maybe hangover and what was I thinking, and I'll never drink again. But it's not like I mean it or anything.

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Well look who's here! I am I am!!! I just moved in to my new host! Major spanks to Eboni for hosting me! I'm gonna ne making some changes because I'm not completely satisfied with how this looks. Nothing drastic....just some improvements....not that you'd care...or you'd be reading this for that matter. haha...whatta loser! By the way...has anyone seen Gaby??? :( She hasnt come home to sleep for 2 nights in a row...I'm staring to get worried! Gibber Gabber? Where are you???

Monday, December 03, 2001 I am...finally finishing this site. It took me about 8 months of hard work and procrastination to pull this off, but I did it! This site never would've come to exist ifit hadnt been for some people and I'd like to send my shout outs now. *ahem* Charlie: You got me obsessed with HTML and Photoshop and computers even more than I used to be. Spanks alot (literaly). Gaby and Nepha: For being the wierdest roomates anyone could ever have. You kept on telling me that I was good at this. It means alot if i ignore the fact that you guys (ESPECIALLY Nepha) know nothing about this. From the bottom of my skanky little ogre-ish homos! People I chat with online: thank you all the most! You kept me online wanting to do this whole site thing so a crack head needs another hit kinda bad. If it hadn't been for your lame but courageous attempts to cyber with me, i would never have kept signing on and being an i-net addict. So there you have very first post on what will now be my site. I still have alot more stuff i need to finish up and set up, such as my cam, and some random things for the random section and a WHOLE lot of other stuff so keep coming back and check to see if my nudie pics are up yet! :D