Thursday, January 31, 2002

Moss was just online and he didnt IM me. :( *starts going psycho and rolling around the floor kicking and punching* STUPID JERK! AHEM...and now back to your regularly scheduled lives.
No mames, guey! I am such a loser it isnt even funny. Yesterday I managed to watch over 10 hours of TV, I kid you not. It was the biggest couch potato day I have ever had. I watched all these movies, like Little Women and some Frankenstien movie with Matthew Lawrence, a whole lot of MTV and Dawsons Creek, and of course all the late night I could handle. Something worries me though.....I was actually itching for it to be 9:00 pm so I could see what Jen and Dawson were up to this week. I seriously freaked out when I saw Joey kiss the profesor and I was actually starting to think Pacey looks cute. I have Gaby to thank for that....pinche Gaby! I can handle liking Dawsons Creek and tuning in every week to see what happens, but now I feel the urge to start a fan club for Pacey and go to the Creek Freak website and see the "spoliers". Damn you! Damn your tenney bopper pop culture shows with fantasy romances that I will never have! :( Dont mind me....i'm just bitter because "it's getting so lonely inside this bed...follow me follow me follow me down down down down". Yep....there hasnt been a Hoodie Hoo around these parts in a while. Thank you ex boyfriends and fondles for ruining my life!!!! ahem...I'll be leaving for Detroit Rock City February 10th and I'll be back the 12th. Theres a layover in Dallas...wonder if I can get Lez-lo to meet me at the airport...hmm...blah duh Lisa DUH...she cant get into the gate area. Great.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

I <3 my friends! Yesterday, Cesar picked me up and we went to go run some errands and stuff. I swear, everyone needs a best friend like Cesar. from the moment we get together to the moment he drops me off, it's non stop retardedness at it's best. Yesterday we were remembering all the funny stuff these 2 kids used to say back in the 3rd was ridiculous. Then we went shopping aaround at Armoire and I swear, I almost passed out in pure sweet delight. They had the most gorgeous and awesome pair of D&G Jeans there...ohh...god i need to go back and get them. I'm kinda hesitant about the jeans though because I got this pair, but I haven't worn them in over 6 months. I think im going to eBay them. They were always dry cleaned so they look like new, and i still have the original tags for them with the hologram and all they can't say they're a rip off. I think i would get at least 50 clams for them...I paid like $180 for them i think. But anywho...I just heard that I'm going to Detroit in a couple of weeks to go see Creed. I'm not the biggest Creed fan, but I have nothing better to do that weekend so it's going to be fun! And don't forget, I'm still looking for a Valentine, so feel free to e-mail my ass and let me know that you're feeling the <3. :D

Thursday, January 24, 2002

OHMYGOSH did you see how Pacey and that girl got it on last night?!!!?? Yes thats right...i have stooped to watching Dawsons Creek religiously every Wednesday night. I have Gibber-gabber to thank for that. It really sucks because I dont get how these Dawson's kids have all this romance around them and what does Lisa have? Thats right...I'm lucky if i get felt up at a bar on any given night. Im feeling kind of wierd because I found out about one of the lame Casa Verde partis that the AKL's always throw. I didnt find out from Moss, though. Robert told me and now I really doubt that I would want to go. I would look like some psycho-desperate chick if I did that. Whats that you say? That I am one of those psycho-desperate chicks that can't get a fly to land on her even if she doesnt shower for a week? True....but no need to be so harsh about it. I want to belive that in my own perfect little world, I am the absolute queen of all beauty. But isn't that every girls dream? And none of this first runner up shit...haha...sorry Nepha just had to say it! let's see if you still read the site....golfa.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Let the hunt begin! It's official...I am now looking for a Valentine for this 2002. How loser-ish is that? But being that I am co-founder and vice president of the loser society, it seems fitting for me to go about this in such ways. So if you're a male and you feel that you are capable of showering me with Valentine cards, candies, flowers and what-nots....feel free to e-mail me and let me know! Theres a couple of weeks and I plan on making this Valentines day successfull! If you're reading this and you can't help but think how lame I am...don't worry, you are not alone! You are also welcome to e-mail me and let me know how lame you think I am. It's a win win situation folks!

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Point point spasm spasm Shrug!!! Umm.....hello! I miss NMSU alot. I had a dream last night that I was up there and we were all having a blast. I really miss hanging out with Danny-Wanny and lencho Wencho and them telling me how they liked to lick honey off a firls cookie....sick...ok maybe i dont miss that part of the conversation. I even miss fighting with Gaby and Nepha over who's turn it is to take out the trash. coughGabycough I miss getting back from somewhere and talking about how cute that guy was or how someone saw Feo and the meat on his forehead didnt look too big today. I miss Fat Alberts annoying phone calls and his screaming "hey prima!!! que onda guey! Hey! Remember the mountains, girl? that was cool, huh? La Pinche Lisa was all drunk...throwing up all over the desert....this girl...........all passed out...and no one cared...hahahahaha" God....maybe i dont miss that. But just being at home and not having anyone to talk shit to is pretty boring. Not drinking 40's every other night is pretty boring too. *sigh* I even miss the SPSS meetings we used to have and all the parties at andy's and making out with wierdo's. Whats wrong with me?!?!!?

Monday, January 21, 2002

My God I just realized.....I've been hanging out in all the wrong places! haven't really posted in a while.....My auntie got out of the hospital and I've been staying at her house and having her cook 3 meals a day for me and tke me shopping in between. hehe j/k...what kind of a jerk do you think I am! no comment. Anywho....I have a job interview today at Rogers and Belding Insurance and I really hope I get thsi job since the insurance thing is something I plan on doing when I graduate...if ever. I talked to Nepha and she told me they all went to Far West Rodeo on saturday and she was calling me to get me to go, but I was out shopping with my auntie and grandma...what a killer weekend, eh? No dates, no boys knocking on my door...sounds like a typical weekend to me anyways. I don't really have alot to say right now since I got tons on my mind, but I will say this....I need a valentione to send me some flowers or something this February 14th or I will officially be low in the self esteem department. I will be the only girl in my close group of friends that will be loser-ish that day. Phooey. I'm trying to get Ryan to start a "find lisa a valentine" campaign on his site...a few more tittie shots and I think I got him!

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Why dont you punch me in the boobs instead? I absolutley hate talking to guys that I find incredibly and irresistably cute, when all they have to talk about is the ho' they're currently feeling up.'s like...gimme a break, you know! I happen to think you're cute, and I have hopes of one day copulating with you, please don't tell me how nice her titties were and how you just wanna shoot a load when you see her. Stop...please. Am I the only one that doenst have a nortmal life and will never be involved in a long term relationship? I mean...look at all the shmucks i've dated recently. Time for a jog down memory lane....I'll try to keep them in order. Last real boyfriend I had was Charlie...and we broke up over a year ago. Then after Charlie I tried to get back with Mike, the boyfriend I had before Charlie, but he wasnt having any of that. At the same time I was getting with Tony, but that just makes me want to vomit now. Crazy what chicks on the rebound will do. After Tony...hmm...I think It was....Anuard! Yeah...he was just tooooo Mexican for me..the chilango, remember? After him there was Henry..haha and Chilango drove by my house as I was making out with Henry...what a sweet moment that was! Then after Henry...there was...Applebee's Aaron? I think so. He was way too much of a dumb jock kinda guy with a one track mind. After Aaron, I started school again...the first guy I hooked up with was....Feo I think. I mean...Dario. But I was his rebound chick...then after Dario I think it was Mike. That was just too wierd and I had never dated someone that lived in a trailer. he was really an awesome guy and he kinda looked like Fred Durst *sigh* and many many many more wonderful things but then he moved to Albuquerque. Then there was TKE Aaron. I know Dan and lawrence are till itching to find out if they're little frat brother scored with the'll never know! Then there was Moss, and he's still kinda there but not really. Nepha and I came to the conclusion that nothing will ever really happen since we never talk on the phone and he's shy and slow and he doesnt talk. *sigh* Ok....well I think that pretty much covers the list of guys that I've gotten my "skank" on with recently...I might have forgoten someone...but Nepha and Gaby can let me know...or if you're a guy and you feel that we hooked up in any way shape or form at one point...please let me know. I don't want to forget you! Whore-much?

Monday, January 14, 2002

Hoodie hoooooooooooooo!!! I was driving down Schuster just a while ago and I saw THE hottest guy ever! Well maybe not ever, but he was totally nice on the eyes! major hoodie! Hoodie hoooo is what Gaby Nepha and I say whenever we spot a hottie...kinda like a secret code that isnt too subtle. So if you ever hear a bunch of NMSU chicks trying to sound like gangta's just our own special way of telling you you look fine. This weekend was a total waste of energy and networking. All i've gotta say is.... 1. I will not go back to the OP untill I turn 21, and I will only go and get my free champagne bottle 2. I hate most girls named Monica (which is my sisters name too) 3. Don't ever suggest going to any clubs that are called Far West Rodeo or The Stampede because you will lose your friends imediately 4. If your friends decide to go to a bar where your underage ass can't get into...theyre not really your friends 5. Im sure I had more bitchin to do, but I can't remeber. So yeah, thats pretty much how my weekend went. Not very fun, but I was kinda sleepy so I guess it did me some good to hit the sack (alone) early. Moss hasnt called...surprise surprise. And now that UTEP started school I doubt that he'll be calling soon. At least I have stuff to look forward to like The Real World Chicago and all the other MTV shows that are premiering. I have 1 month to find me a valentine.......will I be able to obtain the impossible? maybe I should start a campaign on here...find me a e-valentine.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

call me! I miss talking to you. :(
Ewww eww ewww This is sick. See that guy right there? Thats my best buddy bear, Cesar. He was bored and decided to very skillfully concot this picture. One thing that yall shoudl know about me is that looking at peoples tounges grosses the living crap outta me. I find it beyond gross. So when I saw this picture I had mixed emotions. He also made a fan sign for me! Can you belive that? I drove down to Juarez yesterday and I picked Cesar up. We went down to the mlls there and evryone was looking at us weird so we left and went back to his house. After that we came back to El Paso and we had lunch at Chicos Tacos. There are 2 kinds of people in El Paso....the kind that love Chicos and the ind that hate Chicos. You gotta try em if you ever come down here! They're like....El Paso's claim to fame. I have my much dreaded doctors appointment tomorrow. Im supposed to be there at 11:30, which means he wont see me untill about 6:00 pm or so. That totally blows. I was going to cancel the appointment, but I don't feel so hot today. :( oh again later!

Monday, January 07, 2002

NEW PICS!!! That is a legit and bona-fide fact y'all! I finally took some more pics and I decided to make these damn good ones! One set features me in my good ol' New Mexico State University baseball cap for all you guys that dig butchy chicks with caps! And also making it's debut on here is the set that I'd like to call "Skanky whorebag sucking on a tootsie pop with smokey eyes and shiz". I worked very hard on those one night and I tried to look extra skanky and extra crack-whoreish for all of you! And for all of you who never belived I had a fan....take a look at that! Tom totally rocks the Casbah! So come on kids....make me uber-cool and pretend to be my fans! Maybe I should let you all in on my date with Moss this Friday...on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I would have to rate it a 7. Point deductions for him dancing with another freakin girl and leaving me there standing all alone holding my Corona AND for him trying to get all up in my rack like there was no tomorrow. Point awarded were for paying for everything, openind car doors and stuff and for being a good kisser. I also had a date on Saturday and I wouldv'e had a blast, if it hadn't been a date. How so you may ask? Well I was going to go to La Serata with a guy from school and a friend that goes to school in New Orleans. I thought it was just friends hanging out but I knew I was in trouble when he payed for my cover charge and he bought a bottle of tequila for our table. Something you should all know about La Serata is that this is a club in Mexico thats very posh. Only the best dressed and people on the list get in. If you dont plan on buying a bottle of some sort of liquer, priced at $100 US dollars and up, you might as well forgetr about siting at any table. The doormen are known for being jerks and not letting people in becuse they dont like your shoes. Guys need to be wearing dark colored pants and no goatee's are allowed. It's insane so you can imagine the breed of people in there is pretty posh. The competition to be the queen of cool and most beautiful at the club is intense since every single girl there looks gorgeous. But i think i just digressed....So i was there with these 2 guys and my best buddy bear, Cesar was there with some other friends and Gabo was there. I've had a crsuh on Gabo for like 3 years now and he told Cesar that night that he was totaly digging me and wanted to know if i was single!!!! Um hello...this is a true story! So he told me and i left the table I was at and went to their table, but lucky me, my 'date' came and found me to go dancing. That was pretty much how my night went. The bottle? El Jimador tequila, 3 people, it was gone in 3 hrs. I was BEYOND drunk but it helped me have a blast. *sigh* I make no sense.

Friday, January 04, 2002

holy living fuck.....I have fans! Thats not adjust your monitors, don't rub your eyes! It's all true kids....Lisa got her first fan sign, werd to yo motha! Now I have to be Tom's slave for life! Tom you rock my world babe! So maybe this will inspire the rest of you to put those web cams and digital cams and old school cams and scanners to use and snap your lovely god given self adoring me and my website. You dont really have to like it....just be sweet and do it! mmkay kids? ok remember Lisa <3's you! And I have a date tonight. It's a double date with Nepha and Joe and I get to go with Moss (the un-datable guy). Wish me luck and send me e-mails loving me! I love that kinda mushy shit! :D
someone make me normal....please! Do you know what it's like to not eat food in 2 days? It's just plain wrong! I hope this anemia or whatever it is I have goes away soon. Not only do I not have enough energy to do anything, but I have been cravin some junky food and I just can't eat it! Like God...I would kill for some chicos tacos right now! But as soon as I would try to eat em' I'd probably ralph em back out. Sick I know...I couldn't even watch Emeril Live last night without feeling nauseous. Totaly blows. Note to self: Make sure you don't write stuff about people that read your website. I felt like such a jack-ass after I gave the URL to Moss and he asked me what I meant by him not being "dateable". Well I guess it was a good way to get the topic out in the open with him. We had a semi-heart to heart talk on AIM (i know how great is that) and he said that he "liked me as much as I liked him" whatever that meant. I'm still on a mindset that belives where there's a will theres a way. So if he claims that he digs me so much like all those other guys claim to, he'll try not to diss me for his frat buddies, right? Someone told me I was too uptight, and maybe that person was right. I really dont know what the problem, if any is. I'm just a single girl that wants to get cuddly with a sex involved. Not at first that too much to ask for?!?!?! news flash Gabe called Amanda!!!!!!! omg! *makes girlie shrieking noises* ahem.