Monday, April 28, 2003

I had a nice long post typed up, but blogger killed it. :/ It said stuff about erins on friday, coach poss's party on saturday, how I have tonsillitis and i sound like robocop and the godfather, etc etc etc. I'm pissed now.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Hi, long time no post. In case anyone had even noticed! I'm at school right now, and I walked into the lab, and lo and behold, who do I bump into? Dan the Man! hahaha We joked around for a little bit, but then he had to go. :( I havent really done much of anyting. Easter was a bore, I had my very first (and only) titty bar experience, i went to Carlsbad Caverns with my family, partied here, partied there, the usual. I havent been feeling too good today, I think I'm gonna get sick. :( Aaron's roomate had some weird virus and I think I got it when I went over. It could be SARS, or maybe it's just allergies! hehehe I forgot how this works, this is boring. Id like to send a shout out to the following people: Nepha and Gaby Ju-Ju big nuts Meg with the peg leg Fat Albert Cesar-Weezer Dan the Man Lenchito Aaron the a-hole and peice of pussy the Pike Escalade guy the Trailer Escalade guy the Chili's Escalade guy The chinese guy at double daves The bitch who wouldntve me another paper cup at dd's Karla, Karla, Natalia and that girl Brenda who we all hate but Karla brings along anyway, Kyle <3 My cousins, hello monkeys Fred Durst my 5th grade science teahcer, Brother Richard Sister Maria, Sister Grace, Sister Concepcion and the rest of the Father Yermo nun-clan Paulo Ryan Susy (skeletorrrrrrr) Eric Prashie and last, but most certain-fukin-ly not least, My wonderful host, GT, whom without which, this site would not be here. and all the other people who bring a smile to my little face, thank you. <3 Lisa

Friday, April 11, 2003

Yesterday was a very interesting day. I went to school, went to Jack in the Box, and then I went to Gaby and Nepha's. We hung out for a while, then I called Mike, who I had talked to on aim the night before. He was in town staying at his mom's place, he had come so she could meet her grandduaghter. Isn't that insane? A guy that I dated last year is now a dad. So i called him, and he told me to go over so I could see his baby, and as I was driving over there I was shitting bricks. I was really nervous and excited and scared and I was just wondering what it would be like to see him holding his baby. Well when I saw Coriel, I was just in awe, she was so beautiful and chubby (i love fat babies) and her eyes were sooo blue. She looks just like Mike. Then we went back to Gaby and Nepha's so they could see Coriel and they flipped too. She is such a gorgeous baby! As far as what I felt when I saw Mike, I couln't help but think he was hott, because well, he is. He is the embodiment of a "Lisa Guy" physically and I did swoon when I saw him, but he's married, although he kind of implied that he wasn't happy with the marraiage at all. He asked me to go out for a drink with him that night, and I said yes, but we didnt end up going, which is just as good, because I don't know how 2 people with a past like ours might have handled the situation with a few drinks in us. Instead Ju-Ju came down to Las Cruces too and him and Nepha and I went to Grahm's and partied it up there. We were in Ju-Ju's car drinking some tall boys and we started talking about something really weird, I can't even remember, but it had to do with penis, and Ju-Ju said that it had to go on the website, so here it is! Nepha and I were silly hott after the tall boys and we were just dancing around at the club, trying to shake off the gross guys. This one guy came up to me and put a lei on me, he was with one of my guy friends, just a HUGE creep. Then when we were leaving, he RAN after me, and he started feeding me some bullshit story about how I just thought he was a drunk ass trying to hook up, but he really "wanted to get to know me" and wanted my number. So I gave him Gaby and Nepha's number! hahaha Then after that, we drove by the Pi Kappa Alpha house and there were a lot of cars, so we figured they were having a little party, sure enough I see a bunch of skank ass Pi Betta Phi's walk out and then we see THE Escalade. So we stake it out for a while, but the guy doesnt come out, but a bunch of other people do, so we take off. But then Nepha and I went back like at 3:00 am and left a note on his car. Psycho much? yeah But we were pretty drunk so it made PERFECT sense to do it. I am serious this time. I vow to quit drinking. I'm such an asshole when I drink, I hate it. I left a note on some guys car telling him he was cute and he should call me......I've reached a new all-time low. Well, maybe he will call and take me to formal! hahaha

Friday, April 04, 2003

Yesterday was a blast as well. I was walking around campus and I bumped into Victor, for those of you that know, Tonchi-Tonchis! hahahahaha So we're walking and making small talk and he asks me for my number because he lost it when he switched cell phones, I couldn't be rude so I gave it to him and he asked if I wanted to go out with him sometime. I said sure, but I don't think I would. Proof that I am not a gold digger and I don't date guys based on monetary intentions. Then I bumped into Gaby outside of the library and I got to wait for her while her lame-ass study group and her did their work. I swear, she has the most annoying classmates in her program. I dont know what I would do if I was her. Then we went to grb a bite to eat at the mall, and we went back to her place and watched Dawson's Creek and Sleepless in Seattle. Aaron called me and asked me if I would pick him up and go get something to eat, so I did that too. I picked him and Dan the Man up and we went to subway and I watched them eat and listen to their asshole remarks. Then I dropped them back off so they could finish their engineering project. Then Gaby was too tired to go out, so we just watched TV for a while. Then Dan and Aaron call back at like 11:30 and ask me if I want to go have a beer with them at the TKE house so of course I said yes, but then 12:30 rolls around and they aren't there. :( We werent even able to get any beer by the time they showed up, so we just stayed there and watched tv, then we went to Jack in the Box. That was my awesome night. Hanging out with Dan was awesome, just laughing at all the dumb ass shit we did last year and reminicing about the days when we were neighbors and would swipe stuff from each others fridges. hahaha Aaron kept cracking both of us up, and I'm sure the boat will bring even more awesome times. Those Delta Zeta and Zeta Tau Alpha skanks better watch out.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Last night was such a blast! Ju-Ju, Gaby, Nepha, Margaret,Charlie and I went to Double Daves. It was an awesome time. We drank LOTS of Woodchuck and we had a great time. We met some weird guys there, there wereTONS of hot guys, and best of all, I saw Brian Givens there. He cut his hair! :( He no longer has that cute blonde 'fro that set him apart from everyone else, but he looks waaaaaay hott without it. We talked for a while and he was really sweet as usual, and I couldnt stop smiling. :D After DD's we went to Grahms Corner and had a drink there, but it was kind of lame so we went to Erin's, which was packed, but we all looked like trash, and there were some skanky girls there, so we didnt meet any guys there. We sang kareoke (because thats what drunk people do best) and we picked Gin and Juice as our song. You shouldve seen when the song started, like 10 people ran up there and started singing with us. We totally rocked that bar, more so than the guy who had just done Ice Ice Baby!!! hahahaha We were all pretty tired after that and Gaby and Nepha still had to drive to Las Cruces, so we all headed on out home.Saturday I think Gaby and I are going to the activation party for the geeks, errr, i mean TKE's, hahaha, j/k boys!