Friday, June 27, 2003

Friday, June 13, 2003

Dear Gibber-Gabber, Hi. You suck! Love, Lissey-Wissey I now expect a phone call from you Gibby, asking why you suck, but I'll give you a hint. It starts with "You never answer" and it ends with "your phone!@@" Pinche-Pinche Gaby! I'm not mad anyway, cause I had a huge headache last night and I wouldnt have wanted to go to Tuna's anyway. :P But Nepha says that we're through counting on you for partying purposes, you're not in the club anymore Gabs! Girl Gang no love you! The only way to redeem yourself is if we all take a class together next semester (like Golf) and have fun! Guys, think about it, taking golf would be so fun! Gaby can learn about the game and then you can know what Daniel is talking about! And Nepha, well, Mario isnt a golf guy, but, we can talk shit about people and have yet another professor hate the crap out of us and give us C's in his PE credit class! Remember how fun tennis was? So what do you say girls? Let's all take one for the team and do something together in our last semester at college together. That or we can pledge for some sorority, oh wait, they all hate us. :( We can start our own and let juju be the gay president! I <3 it, MTV will totally pick us up for next season. Anyway, I love life, kinda. July is going to be a great month, I have every weekend for that month booked solid, but maybe I can pencil you in. :P I feel a little crazy in the coconut today. For the people who could care less about the preceeding imaginary conversation I had with my friends, I can talk to you about the new wallet i bought. It's pink, and it has a tan leather strap and its a Lauren by Ralph Lauren wallet. I also bought a bunch of other stuff, but whatever. They have these really cute Coach sandals that I want to get, but I'm debating. I am having Mediterranean for lunch in a while here. That's about it. <3

Monday, June 02, 2003

Hi, I'm still hungover! :D New layout, working on the rest! toot toot beep beep <3