Sunday, September 29, 2002

I'm working on a new layout...ta-da. It's pretty much the same, cept this one is pink. Go me. Hate it? Love it? Thought it was about damn time? Im not crazy over this like I was of my old I'll be tweaking with it when I have time. Let me know if you want a link.

Monday, September 23, 2002

I am such a fuckins lacker when it comes to posting on this baby. Not like anyone reads anyway, right? Battle Boobs has been going on. I won last week, woo hoo, and this week I am defending my title against someone with some big tata's. I wont mind if i lose, I actually think I dont stand a chance, but we'll see what happens. Last Wednedsday, when i was so stressed out, I decided to go out and booze it up with the gang. We met at Double Daves and Meg and I downed a pitcher of Pear Cider, and when it was almost gone, Joe, who is a manager there and happens to be Ryan's former roomate, brought us another pitcher. Turns out some guy had bought it for us and said that if we wanted to know who he was I would have to go with Joe and meet him. He was really nice and I thanked him blah blah blah...... AND THEN... HE KISSED MY HAND!##@@!! This is a lost art that makes women weak in the knees boys! Ok maybe it's just me, but I thougt that was really cool of him to do that. After that we went to Erin's bar and boozed it up some more there. We bumped into Ryan (surprise surprise) and Tony and we all sat together. Then Javi and his friend got there, and then i saw Mario and Chuck and I sat with them. They bought me drinks so it was fun. :D Then Chuck started his "youre so cute Lisa" shit and i was diggin it. I met one of their friends who is the district manager for Gap here, and he let me wear his Gucci watch and told me he would make me a star in the world of retail. <3 So sweet. He kept on kissing my cheek and saying how incredible I was. People think I'm awesome and beyond beleief because I'm tall. Friday I went out with Nepha and Natalia to Capone's. It's $2 you call it, anything in the house, so we got pretttty trashed there. Then we saw Mr. Garret, who was our english teacher freshman year of HS. I made him buy me a drink for being the worst english teacher I ever had. Then we saw Ben, Tara's super cute older brother (who is like 26 and a lawyer) and him and his friends bought us Royal Fucks. Well, Nepha Nat and I were royaly fucked after that so we went to Cincinnatti Street to check it out. It sucked ass everywhere, so we went to Erins, sucked ass there, bumped into Ryan, went to Tunas, bouncer wouldnt let us in w/out us paying cover, so I went to Erins with Ryan (thats how drunk I was) and then we met up with Corn Fed and Danny at the OP. I was alreadsy sauced out of my mind, but I had 3 more drinks at the OP and after that Ryan and I were all over each other. :O Drunk, no doubt. It's like, you always know what you're doing, yet somehow, you dont think of the consequences. Corn Fed picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and carried me out of that club like a cave man. Grrrrr! I had alot of fun hanging out with Corn Fed and Danny. Theyre both cool as fuck. I always miss all my ex-bf's friends after we break up. I seem to get along better with them sometimes. Too bad Corn Fed is gay.... Lacey, Marissa, and I are collecting Man Ass. If you are male and would like to take a picture of your delicious man cheeks, please send the picture to me. Thanks. Keta has sent his in, and claims to have a picture of me smoking a joint. click here to see the alleged pic. And in more depressing news, my soulmate, Paulo, is cheating on me with some chick who has a bf. Please let him know I am his one and only. Thanks. I am going to start working on a links section (finally) and link back all the wonderful people who have linked my shitty ass puke green site <3. So if you have linked me, or would like me to link you, e-mail me or let me know somehow. If you would like to use a button to link my ass...... THERE IT IS SUCKAS!

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I AM SO STRESSED OUT!!!! I have a test in 2 hours, I have more work on my plate than I can handle, and I got bitched out by the boss!!! *cries* Not to mention the boss asked the administrative assistant to have a "talk" with me, but thats going to happen tomorrow. I think its just to get my school schedule straightened out. I hope. haha anyway... Dear Gaby and Nepha, No I have not replaced you, you replaced me! j/k guys You need to call me and invite me out too, ok? I <3 you guys and whatever, ok bizntaches? So lets do something this weekend. I say we go to Phoneix and look for Gunther. Or we could go bar hopping on friday again! :D hoodie hooooooooooooo y'know... haha ok I feel like i am going to break out in shingles from all this stress. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but i think I have a fever and i am starting to feel itchy on my arms. :( Stress so away. I need some Zen in my life. I called my mom and she said she doesnt get stressed out because he does yoga. Yeah, whatever mom. I have shingles...pitty me.

Monday, September 16, 2002

YAY I woke up with a headache today! :/ My mom is back in town, havent seen her yet though, but judging from our phone conversation, I think shes still got that Vegas daze in her. She was talking liker a complete airhead, and my mommy isnt like that. It was weird. She did however get me some stuff from BEBE! That also means that Fifi the dog (see cam shot) will be going home today. :( I will miss her, but not all the poop cleaning up. I have 2 tests this Wednesday that I need to study for. After these tests, I plan on going to Erin's and getting trashed. :D Have you noticed that all I ever really blog about is how drunk I was and how hott that guy was? I cant let you all believe that I'm just another shallow girl. NO! There is more to me than meets the eye! Shiraz bought me some martini glasses from my wishlist! THANKS SHIRAZ!ell Now you should all follow his fine example! *pout* Ben is awesome and you should go visit him. And check out Keta's new site! Tell 'em Lisa sent you!

Sunday, September 15, 2002

click this and hit send! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your clergy, tell the world! Lisa is a contestant in IG's Battle Boobs!!!! Go vote now or DIE! :D <33333333

Friday, September 13, 2002

I AM HUNG OVER. Last night I went to Tuna's with Margaret and her friens Jazmine, (who will be in a "girls gone wild" video with Eminem grabbing her tatas) and margaret's other friend Javi. I saw alot of people that I knew there and it was getting good untill it started raining! Aceitunas is a beer garden, so its outside. Some gross looking old guy was telling us perverted jokes about licking dogs nuts and ugly chicks with dicks. Some gross guy grabbed me by my belt buckle and said it was an awesome belt. And this other guy wouldnt stop playing with my hair. After Tuna's we went with Julian to Freddy the bartenders house for some more beer. It was fun but I was tired and drunk and cranky so Meg and Javi took me home! <3 yay Now i'm still at home and I think I'm still drunk. I have to go to dinner with my auntie tonight at the El Paso Club which means I need to dress up like a good conservative future wife of a millionaire and curtsey and smile and use the right forks at the right times. But its mexican buffet night! So I'm gonna hit up the bar for the never-ending complimentary margaritas!@@!%#!! My friend Emilio's dad is the Maitre'D there, so maybe he'll hook it up with some Mimosa! I love that stuff. mmmmmmm Mimosassss.... And yes I am a contestant on Battle boobs. I think Rosie has nice boobs, defenetly bigger and nicer than mine, so if i lose, it'll be no big shocker. I was just scared to join because i didnt want anyone to hate me. :( I can't deal with it, so please dont hate me, hate my boobs. That was lame, I need to find better things to write about.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

I hate people. No really. I'd say over 1/2 the population annoys me, and i want to strangle them with my hands untill i see them turn purpe and damage their ocal cords so that they become mute and can never speak their annoying ass words ever again! ahhh slap me...HARD I am soo stressed out lately with all the school work and work work and personal problems and social life and whatnot. Welcome to reality! Growing up sucks! I wish I could go back to highschool, or freshman year of college when my life was so much easier. :( Now its like reality has come and its here to stay! yuck! I hate being broke and not having money for stuff. I need new clothes and I need some other stuff, I guess in a sense I have been spoiled because I have never really had to work and earn these things, my parents have always given them to me. Now they expect me to grow up and start becoming more mature. It sucks, but it'll be good in the end. Arent college students always supposed to be broke anyway? :/ My mom is out of town till Monday, shes in Vegas with some of her friends. They went to go see the boxing thing going on over there. Why she would want to see that is beyond me, but oh well. That means I have 4 glorious days of no nagging in my life! Yay! Ok I need you guys to go check This chick because her site is just awesome and she has some interesting things to say. I am going to do something that I dont think I would normaly do. It should all be set by tomorrow or so, so just keep yhour eyes open and watch out. hahaha

Monday, September 09, 2002

Monday sucks. Nuff said about that. I am at work and I'm hardly inspired to do all the shit I need to do. What else is new? Gaby's b-day celebratory bar hop was hella fun. We started off at Capones and we had apple martinis and buttery nipples. Fat Albert and his boy gang was there, how exciting. Then after that Nepha and I were going to get to cincinatti street before anyone else so we could find some cute guys to hook up with. But of course we got cocked blocked by Ruben and his gang of stalkers. I tried turning quick without turnsignals, i tried speeding, i tried everything!!! Then i prdetended to park near cincinatti street and we lost them! IM SO SMART! Nepha and I met 2 really hott guys outside of Hemingways and they invited us to go to Grahms Corner with them. We convinced everyone to go to Grahms and then Nepha hooked up with her guy. Turns out he goes to NMSU and we were like oh so do we blah blah blah...and then we're telling each other what our majors are and he says HRTM and im like OMG Nepha he's a FARMER! And we imediatley look down and check to see if he's wearing boots! ahhh Ok so he's not a farmer, but it was scary. Then we all decide to go to Aceitunas and Gunther (my guy) who I may add was incredibly TALL and uber hott. *drools* Well Gunther was all for us going to Tuna's and so Nepha and I took off again and we all got to Tunas. Bouncer asks for ID's and then he says theres a $5 dollar cover! Nepha flirts with him and he waives the cover fee! We're sitting there, telling everyone about our little adventures with these hotties, and lo and behold, they walk through the door! We ran to the bar and we started chatting. Then Ju-Ju gets to Tunas and we're all having a blast. Then Ju-Ju the pervert tells me "Gunther is hott, Lisa! Either you hit it or I will!" hahaha Then he says "Look at that big buldge in his shorts dude! He's fuckin huge!" So I look and then I faint. haha He was kinda shy and so was I so we didnt exchange numbers or anything. It was fun for that night, whatever. It's hard to be attached to someone or have feelings for them and try to meet new people. And yes I am reffering to Ryan. I am still hoping he'll come around and realize that he loves me and that I'm good for him, but I dont see that happening. I'm just so gld I have awesome friends who let me know I am a hottie (Lencho, my #1 fan and Dan), that I can do better (everyone else here) and that I dont need to be with someone like that. It's hard, but it's getting better. :)

Friday, September 06, 2002

Happy Birthday Gibber Gabber!!! Gaby turned 22 today! It was only last year when Nepha and I planned the surprise party woith the help of lencho, Dan the Man, Andy 1 Potato 2 potato 3 potato 4, Ju-Ju and Yanar. "you booze, you loose!" OMG I just thought of something. Today is also the 1 year anniversary of me hooking up with Feo! Yuck! Dario, guey! Dario is this guy who was Fat Alberts roomate. He's from Tijuana/San Diego and hes the kicker for NMSU. And I ended up going BACK to Andy's place (who was Darios roomate) and having wine with him and whatnot. Now we can all look back at it and laugh..... hahahahaha I hooked up with Feo! :( Anyway, tonight should be a great night. Gaby Nepha and I amongst other people will be celebrating gibber's 22nd so it shall be loads of fun. I bought a skanky shirt just for the occasion! :D Go Lisa Go Lisa! And on an even more OMG note, I saw married Matt's Navigator at Demetrius's house last night! :O He's back from Chicago and prolly still with his un-suspecting wife! Married Matt, you so fine. You so fine you blow my mind! I am also going to help Ryan (i know i know...slap me) today with his C++ shit. It's sooo hard for me to just be there and be a friend, but he helped me, so I gotta help him. As soon as im done helping him I will defenetly lose all contact withhim and hopefully regain my mental health! :( I'm so angry but deep down, I just want my boyfriend back. Ok, no pity, just <3~!

Monday, September 02, 2002

And now for your viewing/stalking are some pictures. The sick car Casa Lisa The View from casa Lisa
HAPPY LABOR DAY!!! I spent all day hanging out by the pool, having Tecate's, eating guacamole, and having adult conversations with people from work! Sounds lame, but it was actually pretty fun. So much more weird Ryan related shit has happened, but I'll spare us all the details and move onto other things. My car was very sick. :( It was making this horrible crunching noise whenever i hit the break on it and apparently that was really bad. I totally fucked up my car and it cost me a little under $500 american us hard earned dollars to fix it! :( Five hundered dollars! You know what I could do with that kind of money? I'll tell ya! Ugh, so anyway, I'm beyond broke right now. Plusss i have to pay for my books for the 4 shitty classes I'm taking this semester. :( Thats about 300-400 dollars. :( Notice all the frownies :( I'm pretty bummed out here. All this Ryan drama has really lowered my self-esteem and it's hard for me to feel pretty or even good about myself right now. But I need to focus on school and not really give a damn about anything else, y'know? YEAH! DrT has been more than a sweetheart in helping me boost my self esteem and feel pretty again! Thanks DrT! Chelsea has also been such a sweet sweet ho and she cheers me up alot! Me and her will someday be #1 and #2 @ camspot. And I cant forget about PhD (thats for short because his real name is way too hard for me to remember or anything) who is always there to give a good hump on #ig! haha Julian and Margaret are still some of the downest bitches I know and I will be taking them out for drinks and dinner on Wednesday! Gaby and Nepha...ahhh...I was so wasted when I was up there on Tuesday! i cant belive we saw little big mouth!! I was so drunk and I'm like " Thats not Mark Lovello!!!" was....and Cholo.....hahaha....I canot belive I made out with him last year. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?! Mike Lucero was there too,a nd of course, I will never live down the name "Fresa" for as long as those people live! I miss NMSU so much, but being home also has its perks. just being a retard now, so i'll shut up. Remember, Lisa <3's you....oooooooh and I almost forgot, I'm getting on cam LIVE eveyr now and then on yahoo! So if you want to see me pick my nose LIVE add me to your list. lithaethparza k bye