Friday, June 28, 2002

You lose Holy shit I got completely obliterated lst night, but let me start from the begining. Ju-ju and I went to TUNA'S and met up with Wes and Tony. Sat down, got the first round of beers. Chit-chat...blah blah...second round of beer. Tony's sister and bro in law get there, 3rd and 4th round of beers. Note: it takes about 3 to 5 beers for the author of this post to become drunk and obnoxious. We decide to head on over to The Stampede and keep drinking there. Well when we got outside, Tony's truck had been blocked in by some shitty ass Sebring from Juarez. They paged the owner, but theguy refused to come out. Tony's bro in law used his Explorer to pull the car out of the way and then Wes went all ape-shit and started hitting the car with a bat! Well all of a sudden the owner of the car runs out, but we had all hauled ass into the cars by then and drove off to The Stampede. I had 2 more drinks there and I was ready to get down and dirty with Wes, when Edgar calls me and asks what I'm doing. I told him where I was and he says he's going over. Bleh! So we're all outside having a smoke and Ju-Ju big nuts walks over to me and tells me Edga4 is there at the club, and so is Don! My face went like this... =:8O...or something like that! I walk around inside trying to "bump" into Don, but I bumped into Edgar first. Ju-Ju just kept pulling me through the crowd and sure enough, there was Don! So I was pretty smooth about bumping into him and whatnot. He was there withhi buddy Carlos and I just stood there like an idiot because when I see Don I just turn into this social ass-wipe. So I excuse myself and goback out into the smokers patio and tell Ju-Ju what happened. By then Wes had some blonde bimbo sitting on his lap so I figured I'd get my own meat head to come down with me, so I called Edgar over. After that Wes was pretty much like "Baby...where you going?" HA!!! Don't pretend I didnt see you feeling up that airhead! But whatever. Moral of this story is all 3 of the guys that I'm digging at the moment were there, and I was sauced, and I threw up all night. I missed my most important meeting ever that was at 10:00 am today, and I didnt get to go swimming with Lauren my Lover tonight. Damn you rain!!!! k I'm done now.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

yes.....i'm back Hey everyone! The FTP was finally fixed up and now I'm back and better than EVER~!!! Well I dont know about that, but I sure have lots to talk about and bore you with. And I have new incentives for pictures and a new layout in the works. It doesnt get better than this! Ho anyway, Edgar is old news now. He's pretty boring and he doesnt know how to party. Sorry, but hangng out with your trailer park trash friends and drinking keystone light around the pool IS NOT my idea of fun. I am now more interested in these other 2 guys (not in a tag team sort of way). One of them, Wes, is pretty cute, but he's a scrub. You know...hanging out the passenger side of his best friend's ride....yeah. But he isnt broke or anything. So he just likes riding in his friends big deal...for now. Guy numero dos, is the supreme being of all men!!! His name is Don, and he is just beautiful. Perfect. ahhh, but he also goes to school down in Nashville. Vanderbilt....grrrrrr!~~!! So yeah, since then I have turned 21, been drunk every night, gotten a beer gut and done all that other crazy 21 year old bullshit that is already getting old. Tonight I will be at Double Dave's Pizza Works. They have 50 cent draft!!!! :D:D:D:D ahem.....guys, I want fan signs because they make me have high self esteem! And if you buy me stuff just by clicking on that "bored rich guys" link, i'll love you forever. And I'm not just saying that! So keep me happy and excited! I'll post more later because my brain is just making no sense.

Monday, June 24, 2002