Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I MISS YOU GIBBER GABBER!!@~# ****SPECIAL EL PASO UPDATE FOR THE HOUSTON R.N.**** RUIDOSO TRIP There is a trip to ruidoso this weekend that Nepha and I will be attending (and so will Lauren BUT YOU HAVE NOT BEEN REPLACED....she is taking her car so its convenient, ok?) We're going with Adam (jasons cousin) surprise surprise and it should be good. Theres a bunch of people we dont know going but it should be fun. Which reminds me to call Adam and aks him to take a case of red bull for the vodka. Dont worry Gibby, I wont abuse the red bull and belvidere. And if I do, nepha has permision to slap me in order to put a halt to the drunken behavior. We will also go to the casino and play wheel of fortune and try to replicate my big las vegas win of $40 (fourty) us dollars, with a mere $4 wager. is good. The Date they said would never happen Our two good friends, Nephatire Ortega and Ruben Valenzuela, had a date on Tuesday night. If you recall the night of your graduation party (pictured below) Ruben informed us that he was NOT going to jump up and down just because nepha wasnt with mario anymore and he made it a point to avoid her that night. Nepha said she had no romantic interest in Ruben and that all she wanted was to become "good friends again". Well, he jumped up and down and she became interested because they went to a movie last night. No details on how the date went just yet, but feel free to call her and get the 411 on that. NEW YEARS New years was fun, kindof. We went to Xcape and we had Lauren's friend Martin and the HUngarian doctor buy us royal fucks all night. We drank cheap champagne and we danced in our pointy shoes. Our feet hurt. THE GROUP SHOT I miss you alot gaby! Thank you for being one of the few TRUE friends, even though you punked out on us so many times, I'm glad you did. You graduated and now you're out in the real world saving peoples lives. Granted, Nepha Juju and I had more fun during our time at NMSU, but hey, you're making the big bucks now. hahaha I love you gibby, and remember your friends in el paso. Nepha and I shall go visit so find the hot spots in Houston for us!!!! ****note***** this was a special update for Ms. Gaby Olivas, R.N.