Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Girls, have you ever seen a guy and thought he was the hottest thing ever? Then you decided to learn more about this guy? Well, there's this one guy at my school who's a Pi Kappa Alpha, I saw him once from afar and I thought he was incredibly gorgeous. One night I had a dream that I was walking to class and that he drove by and offered to give me a ride in his Escalade. Then we made out and I became a Pike sweetheart. Anyway, I woke up wondring why I had such a lame dream, but I called my friend Nepha and told her about it. About 3 weeks later, I went out to lunch with Nepha and Gaby and I was telling Gab's about the dream, when all of a sudden I see that guy pull up next to us at a stop sign. He smiles at us and I die! So we ended up following him from a distance and found out where he lives. That was like 3 weeks ago. Yesterday Nepha and I were going to lunch when we saw the Escalade pull out of the mall and we ended up following it back to that same house from before. But it wasnt the same guy driving it, this guy was ugly. So we went to have our lunch, did a little shopping, and then we went back to the house, but the escalade was gone, so we went to Wal-Mart, no Escalade. We went to the mall, no escalade. Then I said, he MUST be at the Pike house, and sure enough, there it was. We went back to Nepha and Gabys apt and waited for Gaby to get home from class. Then we were going to get Gaby some lunch and we droce by the Pike house again, but the escalade was gone. So we went BACK to the house, but it wasnt there either. By that point we gave up, so we're driving to Arbys to get Gaby's grub, and we pass Chilli's and Nepha says, THERE IT IS!!#$ So we pull into Chilli's and I say Gaby can eat there, but then some guys walk out, and THEY get into the escalade, but they were a totally dif set of guys, so we're like WTF@#?! Then I kind of wait for them to drive out, but they take a while and I didnt want to be obvious, so I left. As soon as I pull out, we see the original HOTT PiKA guy in the escalade going the oposite directon twoards the house, so we go BACK to the house, but he's already gone inside. We wanted to check the licence plate numbers so we wouldnt get the 2 trucks confused. So anyway, on Mardi Gras, I will casually bump into him. hahaha, ok, psycho I know. If anyone goes to NMSU and knows the hott Pike guy that drives the Escalade, plz let me know his name!

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Well, here's the new layout I had talked about. I had been wanting to do something new and diferent because I was already sick of the the white one. This layout was inspired by one of my favorite songs at the moment. It's called Shiny Disco Balls and it's by 2 dj's that call themselves Who da Funk. It's an awesome song, the kind you would hear at a gay club or bar, I love that kind of music. It's hillarious to watch gay guys sing along to "What it feels like for a girl". Maybe it's just funny to me, whatever. I've been having this weird allergic reaction to something that made me break out in hives the past 3 days. I went to the doctor and he said that I was a faker and that I needed to go back to school! :( But he did give me 2 prescriptions and I took them last night and again this morning. So far so good, I am not itching, my hands arent swollen and I dont have gross looking hives all over my body. Wouldnt it be embarrasing if I were on a date and I broke out in hives? Jesus, I would want to stab myself. But enough about my disgusting deseases, let's talk about Joe Millionaire. hahahaha, let's not. I talked to Jeree' last night, she is in Delaware because she married a guy who is in the military and they stationed him way up there in the middle of no where east coast. hahahaha, it's 67 degrees in El Paso today, I'm wearing a hoochie mama shirt and your wearing your nanook of the north down parka and ear muffs! hehehehe j/k JJ, you know Lauren and I miss you in our drunken debouchery, it's just not the same. When Lauren gets drunk and starts falling asleep theres no one to keep me company! hahahaha Gag me! <3 There I wrote about you so quit your bitching! j/k I <3 you Fat Albert (who is no longer fat) had some good ideas for content on my site, I'm working on them and they will be up soon! I am in a computer lab at school and I am sitting at a computer that is right under the AC, so my hair is blowing all over the place. Hahaha, bet you aren't even dreaming of turning your AC on anytime soon Jeree'!!! hahahahaha I'd also like to send a shout out to my sistahs up here in Las Cruces, Gibber-Gabber and Nepha-Nina, to them, I'd like to send out a big YO! And I would also like to reminice about a lil' sumtin sumtin. Gaby turn around and let me see your sexy body go... uh-huh uh-huh! Oh Gibber-Gabber, you crack me up sometimes, in slow motion. I am at the IBM lab in Jacobs Hall guys, and I just saw a major hoodie hoo big white meaty Lisa specimen. He was hott, but of course I just sat here and drooled a little bit. Have you noticed that there are always alot of injun people at this lab? It's like all the international students take over and hog the computers to talk to their friends and family in the mother land. They all also speak in their language, not english. It makes me paranoid, like, I wonder if theyre talking shit about me. They probably are, because we talk shit about everyone and their baby mommas in spanish. If you see 3 girls at NMSU walking around and they say some thing like: Oyyyy, mira ese guey que va aya.... We're probably talking shit about you. Well, this was fun. I wonder if Steve is going to call me when he gets in from vegas? hahahaha

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Valentines Day was so much fun! Lauren and I went to the Sutra Room and I dont know about Lauren, but I was pretty wasted. We drank vodka tonics all night my gawd they were so good. I think Malibu has been replaced as my drink of choice. I spent like 3.50 on all my drinks and on all of Lauren's drinks, which was awesome. For those of you NOT from El Paso, Sutra is a swanky bar on the west side that when it first opened, charged $6.00 for a drink and about $4.00 for a beer, which by El Paso club/bar standards, is alot. All the up-scale bars in town charge that much for a drink. Well on friday they had 25 cent drinks, they had male strippers (yuck) and they had an awesome DJ from Seattle playing some pretty awesome music. Some guys sent Lauren and I some drinks, we went to Geo Geske and we bump[ed into my friend Greg's friend, who's some psychoklogist, and he was like "oh you can't leave, you two are the hottest girls here!" Who doesnt like a little flattery? Then we went to the 02 and I bumpped into Vero Perez and she was there with her brother, who knew Lauren, so we hung out there for a liittle bit but then we were both drunk/tired so we went back to sutra so I could pick up my car. Of course I made an ass of myself before that. I called Steve. There should be a law that prohibits drunk people from using cell phones and calling people of the opposite sex. Have you noticed that the only time you have an urge to confess your un-dying love to an ex, or to tell that hott guy you met last week just how hot you really think he is, is when youre completely obliterated? I've noticed, and I of course called Steve and told him that I thought we should have some pre-Vegas sex. I cannot beleive I did that, i just can't. I hope he doesnt remember what a lame ass I was, because now we may never hook up. I called Ryan too, but mostly because we saw his friend at Sutra, and I wanted to wish him a happy valentines day. Of course I ended up telling him I missed him (why, I have no idea) and that I wanted to see him when he was back in town. God. Then last night (saturday) i decided to stay home and rest, but before that I went to Taco Cabana to get some din-din. I ate my food and soon my back and my head started itching like crazy, I take my shirt off, and I'm red all over. I go to the mirror to get a better look, and my whole fucking body is just red and I start to see hives on me a few minutes later. It was so gross and it itched like crazy. When I woke up, the hives were gone, thank goodness! Albert (al-pal, fat albert) called me this morn at the butt crack of dawn (9:00 am) and gave me some "hott worthy" gossip. Turns out that he ran into this chick Ebony that we knew from freshman year of college,a nd she told himn that Stephanie had a kid and was now engaged to the babby's daddy. Whats up with all these people my age getting married/enagged/pregnant. Like, seriously, i dont plan on settleing down for a while, at leats till my late 20's or 30's. My advice to you all, please use a condom! Not just to prevent pregnancy, but you might want to prevent ghonorreah or herpes. ;) Just a little advice from me to you, hope you're all having a great weekend. I am working on a new layout *gasp*! Fo shizzle!

Friday, February 14, 2003

I AM A MORON. **note to self -When you meet a guy, find something else to talk about, anything, just dont mention your website. Turns out they might actually read it. Well, Today is Valentines Day, or as some of us would rather call it, Friday. Exactly a year ago today I was at my friend Gerard's Funeral. Wednesday they had his anniversary mass and a little reception in his honor. His mom asked me to speak about him a little bit, and they showed pictures of him on a screen. They had some of his paintings up on the wall, and we all just spent the night remembering G. Tonight, I think Lauren and I are going to the Sutra room for a while. They have a drink special from 7-9 so we are going to check it out. Maybe there will be some un-suspecting hot single guys there for Lauren and I to seduce. I had a history test yesterday that I had no idea was happening. I'm walking to my class and I see everyone outside reading their books and notes, so I try to be smooth and ask this guy "do you know if we need a scantron sheet for this?" And he says. "yeah, the big blue one." Oh shit. The big blue one, with a possible 180 something questions. So I run (literally) tto the bookstore and buy my scantron sheet, go to class, relaize that I have no #2 pencils on me, so I start to panick. The girl next to me offers a pencil, and I ask her if she studied. She says to me, oh helllll naw, Ihavent been to class in 2 1/2 weeks. Everyone around us laughs because she practically yelled it out for the whole auditorium to hear. It seemed that no one really studied for this test. Maybe he'll grade on a curve. It wasn't too hard, it was just about reconstruction and the old west and gold rush. I think i at least got a 60. :| Does anyone have any sex-filled plans for this valentines day? Thats the kind of V-Day I'd want, full of sex, forget the flowers and the candy. haha j/k I think Ju-Ju's HIT IT AND QUIT IT philosophy is getting set in my brain a little more each day. I love all you guys! Happy Valentines Day, and don't forget to visit
cam mafia!!!

Monday, February 03, 2003

Everyone have a nice day. Thanks. I feel sooooo just like *ugh* whatever. I have eaten 3 oranges so far today. I think I have all the vitamin C I will need for the next 8 years. I'm here at work, not really working. I am still thinking about all the stuff that makes my world go round and the drama that it brings. Slap me, like, for real thins time, make sure it stings. Ohhhh yaeah baby, harder, oooh thats it, c'mon HARDER!!@#@# Oops. I have been talking to a really awesome guy that I met in #lifetraks. :D He has been a super cool friend and has defenetly helped me get out of this post-being-dumped-slum that I'm in. He knows who he is, so no need to drop names. :P Thanks sooo much for being a friend I can talk to, and I hope you know that you can talk to me about anything thats going on. He also made this thingie for me: Isn't it the coolest? So link me and use it! I've only had one can of coke today so far. That, and the 3 oranges I've eaten. Being healthy is alot harder than I thought it would be. I am going to go work out for 7 hrs tonight! Ok, maybe its more like 2 hrs, but I have to be in some bufffff shape by the 16th. They just told me at a staff meeting this morning that we're running in some mini-marathon thing in honor of our kids. I thought it was like a 5 mile thing, so I cringed. They told me I HAD to go, I cringed more. Then they told me it was 13 miles, so I died. It will be worth it though, I'm going to be doing it for our kids. So yay me. Someone buy me some Hydroxycut so that I can be hott and fat free. :D

Sunday, February 02, 2003

THIS IS GOING TO BE A LAME POST: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. So I've been thinking, valentines day should be outlawed. No. Seriously. I am turning into a gay emoional creature because I am starting to wonder why things always work out the way they do. I am STILL not over Marcus, so slap me. Or maybe I am over him, but im just not over the situation. It still blows my mind how someone can chnage soo fast. This was split second, like for real. It leaves me wondering what I did wrong, or where I didnt do the right thing. Anyway, I feel like after all that, I am kind of ready to settle down. I know, I'm like 21 yrs old, but ever since I started dating, I've never taken it vry seriously. I dont even know if I could handle a relationship, what am I talking about. Like right now, the best relationship I feel capable of having is a long distance one. I think that things fall apart when I start spending so much time with someone. It's crazy. I guess I've also gone wrong with the fact that I've let myself settle. 90% of guys that claim to like me, dont like me, they want me. I am so not even looking for something like that. I am a person with feelings and I wish that people would start looking past the physical and looking more into the soul and the heart. I am almost losing hope and wondering if I'm ever going to meet someone who can understand me, my passions, my dreams. my beliefs and my feelings. I think the whole thing going on with my family is whats tearing me apart and making my emotions go wild. I feel so helpless, and I hate not having control over things that affect my feelings. I feel like maybe I am more fragile than I care to acknowlege, and I dont really like that. I want to just be normal, but most of all i guess, what I really want is to be in love. Slap me now please. Hard. Thanks. I know i know, it's like anyone Ive ever loved or could potetntially love is so far away from me now that it's almost impossible for it to even work. Enough. Let's focus on other thins, such as how much valentines day is going to suck this year. I usually get valentines from my mom, but being that we are not on speakign terms, I dont even want anything from her. So that leaves me as a complete lamer on V-Day too. Guys, send me flowers @ work. :( thanks Thats all.