Saturday, April 27, 2002

*Insert topic here* I have been working like a dog for the last week! It has been beyond crazy at work, tons of stuff to be done, not enough hours in the day, and then theres the fact that I procrastinate till the very last minute. I have a feeling that this Dinner Party tonight is not going to be all that great, and people will be upset. But thats work for ya. At least some of the stress has been lifted. Now onto more exciting news.... That guy I met at Reno's last friday called me! *yay* Well, he's been calling, but I lost his number and I dont have caller ID at home (dont ask) so I get home from work last night and my dad tells me some chris guy and some edgar guy called. So I *69 and sure enough....i get Edgar and I tell him what happened, my friends maid threw away the paper where u wrote ur number down...etc...he didnt really beleive me, but I told him this story was too weird to make up. Anywho...I also had a HUGE scare with my eyes. After they told me i couldnt have the lasik done, the DR told me I had a disease caled keratoconus...which means my corneas are turning intolittle cones and then they'll start ripping and scarring and eventually I'll need a cornea transplant. That scared the shit out of me, and I cried for hours and hours on tuesday. So Gibber Gabber...thats why I was so blah about going to the UTEP bar with u guys and stuff. I'm sorry i was so biznatch-ey, but I thought I was slowly going blind! But I got fited with my contacts and I wont need the cone shaped ones for Keratoconus...she (the dr) told me that it was a very mild case, and she didnt think I would need a cornea transplant untill I'm about 40 or so. So yay me...If anyone has any corneas I can have when I'm ready for the transplant...feel free to contact me! :D

Sunday, April 21, 2002

I'm a whore again!! yay me Jeree and I went to Reno on friday....gawd oh gawd we had a fuckin blast!!! We danced all night...we got free beer....and I met a guy. I was to drunk to see his face clearly, but everyone told me he was hot...unless everyone got together and decided to play a cruel and unusual joke on me. I felt like a Juarez Downtown Strip Reno ho'! It was fun to re-live the magic i once had. Dancing...making out...i had to laugh when he tried to lick my boobs...ha. Slutty girls usually laugh when stuff like that happens. This guy was funny, I know that much. He kept on saing "lets make out" and then he says "you're tall, you're pretty and ur hot...youre my kinda girl." I just had to laugh...he kept on saying he needed my number because I was his dream girl. So I go to the pool today and my mom tells me some dood called, and yep it was him. I need to see him on a sober basis...check him out. heh....ok this was lame.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Guess who didn't get lasik???? Fuck Fuck Fuck!!! I knew it!!!! I show up at the Dr's office and they get me all prepped for the surgery, then i see them give valium to the chick next to me, but i dont get any, so I'm like wtf.....Then they call me over to re-measure my cornea, then i sit and wait. Still no valium. Then the re-re-re-remeasure my cornea...and i sit and wait some valium yet either. Then they call me over to the conference room and i KNEW what they were gonna tell me. That I had shitty corneas and that they couldnt lazer-ize my eye. I was ok with this, as long as I got my fuckin contacts back on. My mom on the other hand was crying. Shes the one that made me go see this doctor and made me get the lasik that i never wanted. So when they said "no-can-do", shes the one that needed the valium to chill out. After that she took me to the mall and I got a dress and some pants and some shirts and 2 pairs of shoes and some lunch and some makeup and just anything I wanted because my mom knows that the aure fire way to make me happy is shopping. So maybe I acted a little sadder than I was...hahaha. Well we shop and then we go buy some solution for my contacts and I get home, open up the case...and my fuckin left contact is broken!!!! SHITSHITSHIT!!!! ahhhhhhhh Hey God...I know I'm just a dot in this world have you forgot about me? :( So Ima go bust down the door at the eye doctor tomorrow and tell em its an emergency. I'll prolly just wear my one contact and be cross eyed when i go out and such. Ill wear these piece of mierda glasses in the mean-fuckin-time! Shit! Fuck! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Like duh....I already knew that.... I took this test and it told me that I'm a...
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Sunday, April 14, 2002

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All my ex's live in Texas.... Yes that is a country song, yech! I despise country music, but I was still @ the Stampede (a country club) on thursday. We were bored out of our minds! Ahhhh what was I thinking when I said that we should go there?? slap me next time I suggest we go there! We got there like at was dead. Then we left at 12:30, but we saw Ruben and John at the door waitin to get in, AND then...we saw Joey Knapp!!! So Lauren almost passed out and we went back in. After that it was allll gravy! We were at the bar right next to the UTEP football guys and I saw this one dude....he be fine! i was like....omg omg omg....and he was standing right behind me, so I'm asking Jeree to push me into him! She didnt! Grrrr Jeree!!! Well then I see Mike and Greg, and Mike and I go off to have a heart to heart, and he tells me that he realized that he will never feel what he felt for me with anyone else and blah blah blah....then he my gf again! haha....i swear, he must have been on crack! I was like.....HELLO!!! Do you not remember how I spent all that time in therapy because of you! ahhh...and then Jeree told me that the guy I liked form the UTEP team was giving me "the eye",but then he stoped because Mike was all over me trying to get me to kiss him!!! what a cockblocker@!!! augh! Then Friday at Reno's it was fun...danced, laughed at the guys that tried to get all freaky and rub their weiners on our bum bum's! Saturday we just lyed out by the pool and tanned! It was a fun weekend! yay Lisa yay

Monday, April 08, 2002 al caso, guey. OMG...ok, so I'm doing a random search on Yahoo for this store in El Paso called Armoire, and I see this link. This is a web page from my old alma matter, New Mexico State University. I read this and I was crackin up. If you know me, you know I hate the words Frontchi, and Juare�o. I hate them with a passion...grrrrr. But i digress. This article is hilarious, and now I want to go out and do the same thing. The hang outs that this so called "fresa" names are not only ghetto and do not meet 'frontchi" standards, but they are full of "nacos" from El Paso. Then I saw that this was written in 1996. :( Those places were the ish back then. Now its like....La Serata and El Sphinje aka La Piramide and of course Tesguinos and The News. I really want to do an up-dated expose on Fresa culture and compare how times have changed for us. haha....Don't you love it? Simon Guey! A huevo Primos!!! Oushhhhhhhhh! Slap me...Please.

Saturday, April 06, 2002

I see London I see France..... I saw a mudda fuckin guy with MC Hammer pants!!! I kid you not, but the MC Hammer pants aren't the best part of what I saw. I should start from the begining. I was driving home today, and I see some jerk in a Harley cut me off. So I speed up next to this guy to give him the "look", and I see that he has these Hammer time pants on. Then I get a better look at him and I see that his haircut isn't quite right. And then it hits me. OHMYGOD! I got cut off by a jerk on a Harley wearing MC Hammer pants that has a mullet!!!!! And then I saw him turn into the country club. I am so blessed to have this man as my neighbor!

Thursday, April 04, 2002

What becomes of the broken hearted? I swear, I'm like the queen of mood swings. Whats wrong with me now you ask? Well, I realized that the guy who I thought was my soulmate really isnt into me. :( I dont know for sure, but I just get the feeling that I'm nothing more than a friend. *sigh* ahhh its ok though. Send your pitty my way once more.

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

:D I'm in a pretty good mood today! Nothing fun happened, but that's ok. I'm actually starting to look forward to whatever if any eye surgery I can get. Sending my mother on guilt trips for making me look like a retard with glasses has its perks! I got her wrapped around my little finger, and I have my little fingers wrapped around her walet! haha! And ohmygosh! I got a postcard in the mail today from Airmoire, their once a year mega sale takes place April 13th!!! yay! i will be getting my check right about then, and I already calles Cesar to let him know!! We're gonna go scope out the store sometime during the week and see what they're going to have on sale. Armoire is the only boutique in El Paso that sells Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino and other designers that you can't get anywhere else in town because El Paso is ghetto. :I Aaaand...the big two-one is less than a month away, so if you want to send any Malibu to me, please do so. I really want to go down to Albuquerque soon and hang out with Lawrence and Dan and drop in and see Mike and Aaron. I miss all those guys soo much. I miss everyone from school! And ohhh last random tid-bit...I saw Chuy and Churros from Psycha on MTV! They were on the spring break queen and king show, like right in the front row. I can't beleive I used to be in love with that guy. Oh wait...I still am. heh Churros if you're reading this....I've loved you since I was a freshman in high school! Let's make out!

Monday, April 01, 2002