Monday, July 29, 2002

does anyone have an AOL account i can borrow for an few minutes? IM me @ dolceprincess and let me know! I'll love you forever!

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Lisa's back....tell a friend!! :D IT IS SOOO GOOD TO BE HOME! Never thought I'd say that, but gawd, the last 2 weeks of my life were pretty shitty. I was thrown into jail for prostitution. :( J/k I was away at summer camp in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. The org i work for has 2 summer camps every year, one for kids with cancer, and one for their siblings. This year the camps were held back to back with a weekend where they were both there together. Over 100 kids, in one place. My hair is falling out, must relax. It was pretty fun, we did the usual horseback ridding, archery, fishing, toilet papering cabins, go karts, bungee jump, rock limbing, kareoke, dancing, casino, bingo, yada yada yada. I am sick of kids, i'm sick of working, i'm sick of my boss, im sick of pine tres, i'm sick of people i've been with for 2 weeks. I even got sick when i was up there. I came down with a cold and it blew cock. I cried almost every day I was up there. I really missed Ry-Ry, but we talked on the phone every day, and he left me some really sweet voicemails. Ryan even drove up there on wed to go see me. <3 There isnt shit to do in Cloudcroft, but spending time with him was great! Friday i spent with Ryan, it was crazy. He picked me p and told me that Wes has fed the dog weed! :O It's a tiny pomeranian and it ate a whole joints worth of bud. When we got home the do didnt even bark, it was just laying there with its mouth open, kind of smiling. So we try to take it to a vet, but Ryans car wont start, and so he asks me to call a vet. I call, and if you can imagine me saying "ummm...this little pomeranian just ate some marijuana and its just laying there now." I sounded like a dumbass. They just gave the dog some vitamns and let it get un-stoned on its own. Then it was time for me to go get shit faced. Friday night and saturday afternoon I was tipsy-wipsy. Today Ry and I are going to go to mass and then to see Goldmember. I DO NOT want to go to work on monday. :( This was a lame post. But arent they all? ohhh ps...I had signed on at ryan's on aim and i forgot to turn off the save pw and auto log in, so if you tried to im me in the past 2 weeks, sorry. k

Saturday, July 06, 2002

News Flash.....Girl who fears commitment now has a boyfriend Thats right. I have a boyfriend now. I dont know how it happened or why, but it just did. It's weird, but I dont feel so bf-phobic anymore. Who's the lucky guy? It's Ryan. I'm on my way to his house right more later!

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

I <3 Double Daves!!! :D I fuckin love Double Daves. It's so lame that I would be so obsessed with going to a fuckin pizaa joint, but DD's is just the shit in more ways than one. Let me explain to you. One day, Chris, Julio and I went out to lunch and we decided to try this Double Dave's place. Well the guy working there was more than nice to me, he gave me some beer samples and he told me about the best thing that ever happened to me, 50 cent draft night!!! Lunch time was never so good! I show up for 50 cent draft night, I meet Wes there when I went out for a cigarette. Next week, I see Wes again and he asks for my number. We all start partying after that, Tony, Wes, Brandon, random potheads, Tony's sister and brother-in-law, I met alot of people these past few weeks and it's been a blast. Well, Wes's brother is the manager at Double Dave's. His name is Ryan. Saturday night, Ju-Ju (butterscotch big-nuts), Lauren (vanilla ice) and I (chocolate fire) met up with Tony to go to some parties. They were in the Coronado Country Club area by mi casa (right down the street from Gaby...miss, i so do not live in the country club) so these parties were pretty awesome. The houses were huge, the drinks were alllll there,a nd the people smoked alot of pot! haha....So anyway, Lauren and I were the fly bitches at this party so the scary hoe's were giving us dirty looks, or maybe they were just stoned. We left that party and went to another one by Resler. This was a luau pool party and Tony Brandon and myself got into the pool. Lauren and I were STILL the flyest bitches there. Guys just kept looking at me and Lauren like we were peices of meat. I love it! j/k This one guy came up and asked if we were @ the Colinas pool earlier....fuckin stalker! He kept following me around like a puppy. And this one guy had to tell my lover that she had amzing eyes, but he wasnt hitting on her. Then he comes back and tells her she's gorgeous. No shit, pothead!!! Thats why shes my lovah-lovah....ooooh! haha <3 Lauren <3 We're all inside and some guy comes in and asks if we came in the black corvette or the Z-7something pick up because some ghetto asses had just beat the shit out of them. So everyone gets their joints and beers and takes em outside. Lauren and i were talking to the chick's mom about what had just happened, when i noticed Ju-Ju was gone, and I saw him smoking a doobie with some guys. Well one of those guys was Ryan, Wes's brother!!! I asked him if he remembered me, and he said he did, blah blah blah, to make a long story even longer, I made out with him. He asked me for my number, I gave it to him, he said it was his birthday, I said he lied, blah blah blah. Turns out it was his birthday on Sunday. So after Wet-nWild, Lauren and I swing into Double Dave's and he's there. He gaves us some beer, made Lauren a pizza, which she totally wolfed down!!! And we just hung out there for a while. After that, we went to Erin's bar and Ryan got fucked up and wanted to drive me home. Thanks but no thanks. We made out some more...blah blah...then some guy groped me outside of the bathroom. Ryan was ready to go beat his ass! Unf! Dont fuck with me perverts! Ju-Ju's cousin, Corina was there too, and we all had a blast. I was with Ryan again yesterday and he's been calling me constantly. I think he wants to date me, well actually he said he did. I dont know if he means exclusively, like boyfriend girlfriend. It's been a while since I've been in a relationship, I'm not sure if I could handle it. He is super sweet to me and he's been an awesome guy. We have a date tomorrow, I guess we'll see how that goes. He keeps calling me and wants me to go over to DD's tonight, but I think I'll pass. I need to play a little hard to get, right? God...this is long. Did anyone read all the way to the end?