Tuesday, October 07, 2003

NEW LAYOUT!!!@##@!!#@$%!~ Thanks to MAX for making this super great layout for me! He even made it so that I can have *gasp* content! hahaha, none of the links work yet, I'll work on em today! meow! DONT FORGET TO BUY ME SOMETHING FOR MY NEW PAD! That is all.

Monday, October 06, 2003

listen to m shoutcast right now!!
Hi! I am updating with some breaking news! I am being forced to move out of my home and I am moving out, on my own, in the scary real world for the first time in about 2 weeks! :O Me so scared! I need alot of stuff, actually I need EVERYTHING! So lets cut the crap and get to the point. I work for a non-profit org, I'm poor, and after I pay for rent, I'll be dirt poor! I need some things for my new pad, so here I am, whoring myself out for wishlist items. It's for a good cause though! so click click clickety clack and help a sistah out! What I really need is a bed, so if you got me something like, oh say, the futon, id be your slave for life! No kidding, I'd really do it! I make a damn good slave. meow! PLEASE PLEASE PUH PUH PUH LEAZEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! thanks! (ok this is where i stop whoring myself out) :D