Wednesday, March 03, 2004

woah! I guess you guys really DO stop by and visit the ol' website from time to time! I'm not having a nervous breakdown, the truth is, I just wrote that to test Gaby and see if she would finally return my phone call. (it worked) suckaaaaaaaa! j/k Gaby, you know I love you! For all of us who are blessed by the hand of God and know Gaby personally (hahaha) I would like to report that she is in good spirits and is working in the neo-natal pedi-icu at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston. wow! She takes care of itty bitty premie babies that weigh one pound!!! Thats crazy Gaby, I can't see you doing that, especially not after I let you practice drawing blood on my arm and you left me looking like a heroin junkie. hahaha j/k gibby, I'm sure your nursing is better than your cooking. :P j/k again! My, I'm feeling saucy today! It must be because I'm having a good hair day. Spring break plans have gone to the shitter for me. I was planning on going to Austin, but I wont be going there anymore. :( Maybe I'll end up somewhere exciting like oh I dont know....Seattle? *ahem* hahahaha j/k j/k I really want to go back to Las Vegas, so the end of May will def see us (gaby nepha and I) in sin city partying like the VIP's we are. Foundation Room here we come! Nepha told me Paris Hilton had her 21st b-day party at LIght at the Bellagio. I think thats so crazy that I went to a club that a celebrity went to. You gotta understand, in El Paso there arent any celebrity sightings. Ohhhh although yesterday Ju-Ju and I went to the Sushi Place for lunch and I couldve SWORN i saw Ben Afleck walking down Mesa St. I was like amagawd juju its ben afleck! And he was like yeah whatever more about me. ugh ugh ugh! This was a semi-realistic sighting because Ben is supposed to be filming a movie here about Don Haskins. Speaking of Ben's, Gaby guess who has his own law firm now? Well, not his own per say, but he no longer works at the DA's office. Ben Ivey! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was driving down Mesa yesterday, waiting to get on the freeway, and I was reading the Marquee at the Hal Marcus Gallery and I saw like Ben Ivey and 2 other guys Attorneys at Law. I was like :o!!!! Ok so now onto more relevant things, such as whats been going on since the last update. Lets see.....we went out in las cruces like 2 weeks ago and we went to Farley's and we saw a really cute guy, like bruttally hott abercrombie model looking. He didnt notice us though. Yanar took a pic of some fat girls with their thongs peeking out the back of their jeans (plz send those pics) and then we drove by the hilton to check out the bar there and GUESS WHO WE SAW? Matt! He was walking into work (he works at the hilton now) he looked even buffer than before and he was carrying his big gallo of water. Now that I think of it, he looked cute. :( I dont get how we ever dated, he works out religiously and I'm a big slob. I guess I see where he was coming from when he told me that I should go to the gym and lose the chub. I would want someone with a hot body too if i was him. Oh well. Speaking of hot bodies, I was sick forever! I had a cold that started on valentines day and it progressed into an infection that is still going on present date. Thats almost 3 weeks of being sick! It has sucked sooo bad, but I am staying home and sleeping and resting alot so thats good! yay! What else, Nepha has moved up in the dating world and has snagged herself a real winner! Ju-Ju and I are incredibly jealous y se lo vamos a bajar!!!!!!!! He has his own plane and he flew her out for a date in santa fe! I was like, hey nepha ask him if we can use his plane we'll give him gas money! lol alot!!!! lololololololol Apparently you have to pay the pilot too. How hard can it be? Pull the stick in to go up, push it back to go down, right? I've seen movies, I know how it works! Ok I think thats it for the updates. If I missed anything e-mail me or im me and let me know. Let's all give a big thank you~!!@ to Paulo for being the best host, friend, lover, soulmate, chipmunk, gigalo, 50 cent lover, air force one wearing guy ever! yay Paulo yay! k bye

Monday, March 01, 2004

OMG I am having a nervous breakdown!#@$ Please stand by.....